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Car rental procedures
Car rental procedures

first, the car rental process, car rent procedures the lessee shall provide to prove the lessee and the person in charge of identity effectively and in line with the lessor to the lessee identity confirmation 1, car rental (1), provide real contact information, such as name, telephone, address, contacts, and so on.

(2) units duplicate of business license organizational code certificate original of Corporation representative or unit describes agent ID card.

non-legal person units provided on car rental letter issued by superior units, head of   ID card.

driver's ID card, driver's license, 2, personal car hire (1) the lessee ID card, residence booklet, certificate, residence booklet, and save the certificate of the lessor. Upon termination of the lease contract to return. 2 rent a car using ID card, driver's license, credit cards "(from security) 3 the lessee residential address and contact telephone number. 4 non-this city residence must provide third party and city officials guaranteed. 3 aliens rent a car. 1 lessee's passport, the city residence permit (more than one year), driving licence, guarantor of this municipality. 2 guarantors required to provide my account, ID secured an undertaking.

II, 1  signing the contract, the lessee must sign the rental contract with the lessor 2 , unit rental shall be stamped on contract 3 , personal car should have guarantors sign the contract guarantee, deposit electronic deposit in violation 1 , rental of premises pay period after signing the contract and according to the contract to pay the rent in a timely manner. 2 the lessee pay the deposit after signing the contract. Deposit is used to pay the lessee for breach of contract terms and fees paid, after deducting the actual amount refunded upon termination of the contract the lessee deposit cannot be used as rent. 3 the lessee pay electronic illegal deposit after signing the contract, electronic notice of deposit used to cover the costs of the lessee paid for violation of traffic regulations and, after deducting the actual violations amount refunded after termination of the contract the lessee. Electronic notice of deposit cannot be used for a deposit.

after four, approved without objections, picking and delivery list, keep the receipt, certificate of vehicle, vehicle.

Second, return flow, I call ahead to notify the company, determine the drop-off time.

Second, drove to the company location for both vehicle and vehicle operation as follows 1, vehicles in good condition and no violation in the rental period, then return success and returned the rental deposit (electronic notice of deposit will be refunded in full in a month).

2, discovered the damage (such as scratches, cracks, bubbles or rust) by professional staff to 4S Service Department with the lessee for damage and by the lessee to pay all the repair. Vehicle maintenance time required to be included in the client lease time. (Note: without the consent of our customers on their own to rented vehicles to be repaired, such as customers who found in the examination process for vehicle repairs, you deduct all of the deposit as liquidated damages) 3, in case of traffic accidents, the lessee should protect the site and notify my company, my company will send someone to help.

third, special considerations:

1, personal lease:

(1) short term rental-rent a car during a traffic accident resulting in vehicle damage, customers assume responsibilities other than insurance.

(2) monthly-vehicles damaged during the rental period, in car vehicle real maintenance payment full payment. Traffic accident during the rental period, intentionally concealed the company, without the company's permission allowed to repair the vehicle, then deducting rent security deposit as liquidated damages, plus pay the vehicle accelerated depreciation charge. Accelerated depreciation fee equivalent to the cost of accident repair 30%.

2, and units tenant: for accident failed to also car, your units needed to this company handle vehicles collision accident by needed procedures and the Pay meet costs, your units will to I company paid vehicles accelerated depreciation fee, that equivalent to this times accident maintenance fee of 30%, and made insurance claims about single card of about procedures, as as your units cannot made insurance company claims of related procedures, is by your units is responsible for all maintenance costs and the accelerated depreciation fee, and bear insurance event cannot lost pay of responsibility and the related economic loss.

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