Car rental industry calls for "chauffeur" legislation

On May 1, 2011, the criminal law amendment (h) the implementation of the, which means, usually in drunk driving drivers on the road, once caught, faces a maximum punishment of criminal detention for six months, and civil servants drunk driving is almost equivalent to knock down their "iron rice bowls". This method one, for people who like to drive after drinking too much play a considerable deterrent. Meanwhile, rush fires a new-car lease and car driver.

However, this emerging industry is also currently in no State. It is reported that since March this year, the network has been represented by the EHI car rental company accountability, made car "chauffeur service" is a crime more   "pro bono lawyer" Li Xuening suing the State and local transportation departments. "Drive" is illegal as a problem, the author specifically consulted the Harry Wu, Dean of school of East China University of politics and law. Harry Wu, said: "in our country, the car rental industry is a new service, in General, still in its infancy stage. ”

experts said car rental industry, and indeed there is no dilemma. 1998 the Ministry promulgated the provisional regulations on management of the car rental industry, has provided car rental companies should obtain related certificates such as the road transport permits. 2003 National People's Congress promulgated the People's Republic of China on administrative licensing law, which provides that only the national people's Congress enacted laws or regulations of the State Council can set up administrative permission. Therefore, in December 2007, the abolition of the Ministry of the interim provisions on the administration of the car rental industry in Xuzhou, currently there is no effective national car rental regulations.

I also learned in an interview recently, to Shanghai, Hangzhou, and other industrial and commercial administrative Bureau, the road transport authority and other departments have received "pro bono lawyer" Li Xuening send application for withdrawal, saying that "previously reported for EHI suspected car driver business, because not enough understanding of the regulations is thorough and comprehensive enough lead to bias in understanding". Earlier, Li Xuening in Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou using the EHI car rental car business, which travel directly to and from the hotel and the airport are "2.1 line" has not stopped. And, that is "pro bono lawyers" to Shanghai, Tianjin, Hangzhou, on behalf of the six areas of business, Road Transport Department report EHI illegal driver operations. And at his own expense in a famous hotel, Beijing held a press conference, public inquiry process.  

it is understood that at present, the capital auto rental, automobile leasing, VW lease, Jinjiang rentals, EHI, China auto rental subsidiary of extreme car hire, Hertz car rental, Avis and other companies have launched a "chauffeur". For existing domestic administrative requirements, this company offers car rental services, all drivers of services supplied by a third party, to provide customers with "chauffeur".

in fact, the "drive" has been developed after years of testing, as a complement to high-end business car rental market, the car rental industry and society have played a positive role in promoting, around Asia countries and regions has become a legitimate, sophisticated business services.


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