Car rental industry can alleviate urban traffic problems

    If you ask the biggest problems facing modern cities, "traffic jam" no doubt will bear the brunt. Indeed, traffic congestion has become a major domestic cities, even two or three lines of the city problems.

along with economic growth, improvement of people's living standards, privatization of motorized traffic and cars also developed rapidly, many of our country's urban road systems there have been serious congestion jams. According to the survey, Beijing alone, motor vehicle ownership has surpassed the 4.9 million vehicles.

traffic congestion has had a serious impact on the city's development. On one hand, congestion will cause traffic delays, slow down the road, and lost time and fuel costs increased, causing great damage to the city economy. The other hand, the frequent traffic jams caused the vehicle to start, stop, speed up, increase emissions, increased emissions and noise pollution, increasing environmental damage. In addition, the plug easy to get upset, affecting the productivity and health of people, or are likely to cause disorder normal social life. Obviously, ease traffic congestion delay.

in recent years, in order to relieve traffic pressure, the State has issued the corresponding car limit, restriction of initiatives. Under the general trend of restricting the number of car units and additional, comfort and convenience of consumers to the pursuit of motor vehicles, just looking at car rental market, as represented by the China auto rental national car rental companies are more popular.

"rentals purchasing, to some extent, alleviate traffic congestion. "Sociologists said:" rent a car long popular in Europe and other Western countries, is recognized as a green way to travel. ”

analysis of the industry, car rental is a way of sharing of resources, optimize the allocation of resources. Car rental concept is a vehicle of sharing, reduce inventory, improve the efficiency of vehicles, to rent a car instead of buying a car, can reduce car travel rate, effectively alleviate urban traffic conditions, but also maximize the use of Community energy and avoid wastage of resources.

in the car rental industry for nearly 20 years, the number of individual users is increasing day by day, the share market is also rising. And most of the individual car rental is for the purpose of travel, family and friends were leased a car, will undoubtedly become the best option.

national day is approaching, the major tourist city will crowd crowded. Experts say that more than one person to rent a car trip, in terms of easing traffic pressure, will play a positive role.


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