Car rental process need to understand which aspects of knowledge

1.   Xuzhou car the lessee provide cheque must be revenue until the Xuzhou rental formalities. As a result of promises, will be reported to the public security organs, all responsibility.  

2.   Xuzhou car lessee by 24 hours a day for a rental car, limit 200 km per day, over a km of a Yuan, ultra is 30 yuan to 50 Yuan per hour (depending on model).

3.   Xuzhou car the lessee shall be required to carry a valid certificate, signing the rental contract with the business sector.

4.   Xuzhou car the lessee shall advance all the rent, the deposit cannot be considered rent.  

5.   Cars in Xuzhou in the lessee, if violation of relevant provisions of the company, company reserves the right to withdraw at any time and to terminate the contract.  

6.   Xuzhou car the lessee shall strictly implement the provisions of the company's contract terms.  


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