Car rental knowledge

Car rental service

Prompts you to car rental services. If the lease classification, can be divided into the following five categories.
1, commercial vehicles:
We can supply all types of enterprises, institutions of representative office in Shenzhen Special economic zone, Chinese and foreign companies and individuals providing online reservation business visits, visits, meetings, tours of the exhibition business. And prepare for you a luxurious business cars and decent and considerate driver. Business car business is divided into short term retail packages and packages with both for a long time.
2, foreign car:
We will do our best for the foreign representative offices and foreign companies providing all kinds of short and long-term Charter. Primarily to expatriates and their families in China providing full-time drivers. Depending on your requirements, we will tailor a specific implementation plan.   And according to our actual experience to provide you with a suitable solution.
3, transportation:
We have prepared for you a wide range of countries have officially taxis as well as all types of business, the exclusive and official cars. Ranging from 2 to 55 people. You only need to submit a reservation (online or by phone), after confirming with us, you can enjoy time on time car service. 4, wedding car hire:
Wedding car rental is a social emerging of car rental mode, in General wedding of occasions Xia with car demand than more, but in general social in the cars also didn't universal, so today social in the many of businesses found this a commercial information, car rental company timely of meet has community this a vacancies, for social provides has wedding of with car, vehicles brand more, style new, soon on into has social in the. Wedding couples have fond memories at weddings, wedding car hire this model developed to become an integral part of the.   In order to meet the new needs of many car hire companies to provide wedding car service.
5, airport shuttle:
Various taxi-airport, transfer to airport, and from the business.

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